Alexander, an American with a Norwegian heritage, uproots his life in Boston to move to Oslo, Norway to support his mother who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. After working for the FBI, analyzing the criminally insane, he now foresees calmer seas as he has accepted a job with the local police. He doesn’t expect that his boss, the beautiful Julia, despises psychiatrists and is set on making his life a living nightmare. He also meets Hercules the savvy homosexual with a great eye for detail and Erik the ex-military brute with steel muscles and a heart of gold.

When a young Icelandic man is killed with a Cupid’s arrow they must gather their wits to try to find the murderer in a sea of personal messages and dating sites. On top of that they are fighting a psychopathic serial-killer who loves playing games with the police. Will they manage to get along and catch this horrible murderer mutilating young women or will he tangle them in his web of horrifying clues where the answers only seem to raise more questions?